Boiler Fund

The current boiler was first licensed in 1983 along with the rest of the house, and it was listed as pre-existing. The boiler is 45 years old, and it has been obsolete, unfortunately, since the 90’s. It’s time we replaced the old and bring in something new (not to mention, this has sort of become a necessity since our license has added some new requirements). The current actives made it through the bitterly cold winter, but we need to replace it now to keep our house competitive with the other fraternity houses and living options on and near campus.

We’ve exhausted our capital reserves and we are relying on YOU and other alumni to give to this specific and very urgent need.

The cost to replace the boiler is $50,000.

By giving to this cause, you’ll ensure the safety of current actives, as well as the future of your fraternity. Do you want to have a direct impact? This is the way to do it.

To make a pledge to the Boiler Fund and to set up a payment schedule, download a pledge form here and send it back to the return address.

To make a one-time payment via PayPal, click here. You can also select to make recurring payments monthly, quarterly, etc.

Thank you! The list of donors who have supported our efforts can be found anytime here.