A Letter from Bill Campbell ’67 about the 2021 PSU Board of Trustees

Source Courtesy of PENN STATE NEWS


Dear Friends of the Pennsylvania State University: 

Here we go again! We ask for your help in nominating the BEST candidates for election to the Penn State Board of Trustees in 2021. 

We strongly support and encourage you to join us in nominating: 

Bridget McCarthy Lasda 2002 

Alvin De Levie 1973

Brandon Short 1999


CLICK HERE for instructions on how to ask for a nomination form.

Last Sunday I spoke with Brother Bill Oldsey, past Penn State – Phi Kappa Theta President (1976) and current member of the Penn State Board of Trustees, and we fully support and have already voted for these three fine candidates. 

You should be receiving a nomination form soon; I suggest being PROACTIVE and asking for a nomination form to be sent to your email address, as instructed in the link above; I just did this for myself, since past experiences suggest forms and even ballots come late or not at all. 

Please help us support Bridget, Alvin, and Brandon. 

If you need more information, contact me immediately. 


Thank you, respectfully – WE ARE… 

Bill Campbell 
Penn State 1967 Chemistry 
Phi Kappa Theta 


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